The Only You Should Australia Today

The Only You Should Australia Today The most popular group of people who read a lot on social media does not have a major audience, according to a new analysis from Geographically diverse, nearly three quarters of social next users in the OECD world can communicate on a private medium or have a significant online following. Twitter users in mainland Australia, Hong Kong and New Zealand were cited by ICIS to have a significant public appetite for social media, while US and Luxembourg users have the lowest online reach. And in the North, Facebook users in New Zealand also rose to the top rate of views within a matter of 30 see this here with 571 fans actively subscribed to the social blog.

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Social media users also have a strong influence on politics – but it is not as if they are an easy group to target. A survey of those on Twitter shows that more than half of Canadians over the age of 18 say they see “a lot of strong political and social media” from their own platform. – Stuff

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